Our Story

Life before Bryce

While I am not going to go all the way back I will hit the highlights and go into a little detail on some of them. 

Meeting Bryce

I had wanted to get an Aussie for a few years but never thought the time was right. My traveling for work was slowing down so I was going to be home more when I came across a post of 6 week old Aussie puppies. The next day I met Bryce and knew he was the dog for me. Two weeks later I would be bringing him home!

Bryce Growing up

As Bryce got older I signed him up for a training course that split us up for two weeks. When I picked him up and walked thru all his new commands he was a great off leash dog. We spent many days at the park, on trails, and walking around Home Depot together. The more we were out together the more I was thinking of how we could travel together. He loved the car so I wasn't worried about that, just on how we could have space to live and travel.

Deciding on Vanlife

After watching hours of videos on YouTube, would a van work, maybe a bus or cargo van? I deceided a van is what we would get, I was glad the hard decision was over....wait, what van should I get? Sprinter, Promaster, Transit and what wheelbase? The choice was made fairly quickly to go with a Promaster and new I did not want the shorter wheelbase so the 159 it was.

Started looking for Promasters and found one in January of 2021 and once I found one I scheduled a test drive for the next day. When I got there the one I was going for was sold the night before, but they had another on the lot. Took it for a drive and loved it! Started the process to buy it that night while trading my car in, and was able to pick it up the next day.

Starting Vanlife

Started building during a cold Michigan winter while also making updates to our house. Ended up selling the house in April 2022 and hitting the road early May 2022. For all the details around the Build see the Van Build page.