Top 10 Places to See

I you ever wanted to know our top 10 places we think you should visit you are in luck, you have found it!

1 - Bryce Canyon

Location: Utah

Coordinates: 37°35′N 112°11′W / 37.583°N 112.183°W 

Established: February 25, 1928 


Phone: (435) 834-5322 

Internet Service: I have used different services here in the past inside and outside of the park. I will have to update next time I am here.

Dogs allowed: Inside the park dogs are allowed on any paved surface, so unfortunately not the trails into the canyon.

Helpful Hint: Limited number of free camping spots just outside of the park, no check in needed it is first come first serve and you can stay for up to 14 days.

2 - Oregon Trail

Not exactly one location, but I see the trail as a must travel. See my Oregon Trail page for more details.

Location: Starts in Independence, MO

Coordinates: 39.0911° N, 94.4155° W 

Established: NA


Phone: NA

Internet Service: Dependent on location, but had pretty good service along the way using Verizon.

Dogs allowed: Dependent on where you are.

Helpful Hint: Take your time as there is a lot to see.

3 - Grand Teton

Location: Wyoming

Coordinates: 43.7904° N, 110.6818° W 

Established: February 26, 1929 


Phone:  (307) 739-3399 

Internet Service: Had a good connection with Verizon, AT&T was spotty, and could not connect with T-Mobil.

Dogs allowed: No, but are in the surrounding Bridger-Teton trails unless otherwise posted.

Helpful Hint: There is free Camping down the road from the park. If you take a left out of the park there will be a road on the right down a ways that will lead to some area to camp. You can stay for up to 5 nights, no need to check in with anyone.

4 - Zion

Location: Utah

Coordinates: 37°18′N 113°00′W / 37.300°N 113.000°W 

Established: November 19, 1919 


Phone: (435) 772-3256 

Internet Service: Did not try to connect.

Dogs allowed: On the Pa’rus Trail 

Helpful Hint: Parking can fill up quick if you are arriving later in the morning or after park in town and take a shuttle or walk in (by equipment rental). Bring water and stay within your limits when choosing the trails to hike.

5 - Theodore Roosevelt

Location: North Dakota

Coordinates: 46°58′N 103°27′W / 46.967°N 103.450°W 

Established: November 10, 1978 


Phone: (701) 623-4466 

Internet Service: Did not try to connect.

Dogs allowed: On a 6' leash they are allowed on the road shoulders, sidewalk, parking areas, and campgrounds. Unfortunately not on the trails.

Helpful Hint: Nice drive with pull offs by trails to hike, a lot of Bison to see (do not approach).

6 - Badlands

Location: South Dakota

Coordinates: 43°45′N 102°30′W / 43.750°N 102.500°W 

Established: November 10, 1978 


Phone: (605) 433-5361 

Internet Service: Had a good connection, not sure if I was using Verizon, T-Mobil, or AT&T

Dogs allowed: Not sure on the trails as I wasn't there for that, but around camp is fine and outside the park. Watch out for Bison and other animals.

Helpful Hint: There is some free camping down a gravel road, you will drive for awhile and it will be on the left. First come first serve, no need to check in.

7 - Mammoth Cave

Location: Kentucky

Coordinates: 37°11′13″N 86°06′04″W / 37.18694°N 86.10111°W 

Established: July 1, 1941 


Phone: (270) 758-2180 

Internet Service: Did not try to connect.

Dogs allowed: Not in the caves, you can walk in the parking lot.

Helpful Hint: Take the tour of the cave!

8 -Devils Tower

Location: Wyoming

Coordinates: 44.5902° N, 104.7146° W 

Established: September 24, 1906 


Phone: (307) 467-5283 

Internet Service: Did not try to connect.

Dogs allowed: Not on the trails.

Helpful Hint: Park in the shade, doesn't take that long to walk around.

9 - Mount Rushmore

Location: South Dakota

Coordinates:43.8803° N, 103.4538° W 

Established: March 3, 1925 

Construction Started: October 4, 1927 

Added to NRHP: October 4, 1927 


Phone: (605) 574-2523 

Internet Service: Did not try to connect.

Dogs allowed: Not outside the parking lot

Helpful Hint: I was here once they opened for the day and only saw one other couple.

10 - Crater of Diamonds

Location: Arkansas

Coordinates: 34.0294° N, 93.6668° W

Established: March 13, 1972


Phone: (870) 285-3113 

Internet Service: Had a good connection using Verizon, T-Mobile was alright

Dogs allowed: Yes on a 6' leash.

Helpful Hint: Get there early, they open at 8 AM and close at 4 PM, you can rent equipment on the lower level.